Victor Cheung
Blockchain Developer

  • Founder at 2 tech companies with startup winning awards
  • Full stack web, app and smart contract development, proficient in Solidity, C#, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, MySQL, MFC
  • MSc in Computer Science, HKU

Michael Kwok
Project Lead Director

  • Founder at 2 tech companies with startup winning awards
  • Seasoned growth lead in early stage startups, veteran digital marketer and community manager
  • Business development specialty, online branding and SEO expert

Jacky Chan
Blockchain and Software Developer

  • Founding engineer at blockchain consultancy firm Kyokan Labs, contributor to Metamask & DFINITY
  • Former software developer at Uber
  • Early engineer at Symphony Communication acquired by Goldman Sachs, serving Wall Street firms

Pascal Lejolif
Machine Learning Advisor

  • Former CTO at Alkia IT Services, specialize in cloud computing, AI and cyber security services
  • Over 8 years as Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technical project manager
  • Machine Learning Certificate, Standford University

Guillaume Huet
Big Data / Machine Learning Advisor

  • 12 years in banking, consulting and business development in Europe, Africa and Asia
  • Frequent speaker on data science and machine learning
  • MIB, EDHEC Business School
  • Specialization Certificate in Machine Learning, Stanford University

Michael Edesess, PhD
Machine Learning Advisor

  • Adjunct associate professor for postgraudate course in cryptocurrency, HKUST
  • Columnist of MarketWatch (WSJ)
  • Chief investment strategist at Compendium Finance
  • PhD in Pure Mathematics, Northwestern University
  • Bachelor of Philosophy and Mathematics, MIT

Roderik van der Graaf
Blockchain Advisor

  • Near 20 years in financial markets, private equity and venture capital
  • MD at Caldera Pacific, PE/VC firm
  • Involved in crypto assets markets since 2014 as both investor and advisor
  • MSc in Information Technology, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London
  • CAIA holder

Kyle Wong, PhD
Machine Learning Advisor

  • Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Artificial Intelligence Hong Kong
  • Advisors of several AI startups
  • PhD in Applied Physics, Cornell University
  • Fintech Certificate, MIT

Scott Christensen
Machine Learning Advisor

  • CEO and Founder at Hanpa Group, high frequency trading company with AI in trading
  • Former Head of North American Equity Derivatives Trading, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
  • BSEE, University of Wisconsin

Steven Cody Reynolds
Blockchain Advisor

  • Facilitated Binance’s rapid rise, managed over 7,000% growth in users to this fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange
  • Advisor at HybridBlock, Head of Operations at Akropolis
  • Founder at Greychain Capital, specializes in digital asset management

Matthew Slipper
Machine Learning Advisor

  • Co-founder and CTO at Kyokan Labs, contributor to Machinomy
  • Former co-founder and CTO at Spectrum Labs, an investor-backed machine learning startup
  • Early engineer at Symphony Communication, serving Wall Street firms

Jesmer Wong
Machine Learning Advisor

  • Data Scientist for Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization and Automation for company initiatives
  • MBA, Chinese University Hong Kong
  • Deep Learning Nanodegree, Udacity and Certificate in Data Science, General Assembly

Eugene Tay
PR & Marketing Advisor

  • Founder of with over 15 years experience in strategic business development
  • Frequent speaker and key opinion leader in South East Asian crypto community
  • BSc (Hons) in Computer Engineering, Nottingham Trent University

Eric Byron
Business Advisor

  • More than 25 years experience in IT industry
  • Worked for Disney in the US and spent 6 years with Electronic Arts (EA Sports)
  • Strategic Advisor for Accelerate, a data-driven socially aligned tech education startup

Fabrice Fischer
Business Advisor

  • Founder and CEO of Blu, an Artificial Intelligence advisory firm
  • Former CFO of Sentient Technologies, one of the world’s best funded AI outfits
  • MBA, INSEAD and Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, University of Montreal